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Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association is a not-for-profit organization that benefits the welfare and well-being of purebred dogs and breeders, owners and potential buyers within the State of Minnesota and surrounding areas.



officers & board


President John Armour

Vice Pres.: Nona Dietrich

TreasurerLois Walton

Secretary:  Carol Ohl

Director:    Kris Hassig

Director:   Peggy Simerson

Director:    Wendy Olson

Director:    Bobby Moore

Director:    Barbara Bartholomew

Director:   Rose Hallman

Director:   Adam Morris

Director and Membership Chair: Barb Armour



John Armour

Barbara Bartholomew

Chris Gabel, DVM

Denise Nord, CPDT/KA.



The  very best breeder of your pet is a “hobby” or “show” breeder.  What you say?  You don’t want to show your dog? You just want a pet?  Well, these are the people with the same goals you have – these breeders breed to improve the breed, and hope to find one puppy in a litter that they will show and breed in the future.  The rest of the litter are wonderful pets, raised in homes, socialized, checked for genetic disorders, from parents who are healthy and cared for.  These pets are ready to be your companion; they can also be trained and shown in obedience, agility, used for hunting or tracking or fly ball or to become therapy dogs as well as being wonderful pets.


Reputable breeders socialize their puppies with all kinds of people and most importantly they ask you lots of questions to make sure you will take good care of the precious pup. They will refuse to sell to unsuitable situations and may tell you that you need to look at other breeds.  They are responsible for their puppies for the life of the dog.  They will show you the parents’ health certifications (hips, eyes, elbows, heart etc depending on the breed), pedigrees, health records and provide contracts that protect both of you.


How to find them?  Use our directory, go to dog shows, ask your vet, go to obedience schools and watch.  Do not buy from newspaper ads that offer to ship a pup sight unseen, or from the Internet.  These sellers are not regulated if out of state, and obviously do not care where their pups go.  Good breeders care who the puppy’s new owners will be and want to ensure that they will take proper care of them.



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