Code of Ethics

 As a member of the Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeder's Association (MPDBA), I will:


1.  Strive to breed purebred dogs of such conformation, soundness and temperament as to conform as closely as possible to the approved AKC standard for that breed.  Breeding will be planned to aim for improvement in overall quality.


2.   Maintain the highest quality standards of health and care for my dogs and other animals in my care, and abide by the Association's minimum standards for the care and keeping of dogs.


3.  Breed or furnish stud service for healthy mature bitches only (after one year of age and after the first season); allow proper spacing between litters (no more than two consecutive litters for those breeds which come into season twice a year); and to safeguard unspayed bitches from unplanned matings.


4.   Have proper immunization for all dogs as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA); and to the best of my knowledge, be free of external and internal parasites.


5.   Refuse to deal knowingly with dog retailers, dog wholesalers and unethical dog breeders; nor to sell to any buyer where I have reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not be properly cared for.


6.   Not supply dogs for raffles, "give-away" prizes or other such projects.


7.  Maintain and pass on to buyers of puppies or adult dogs the following records:  Health, Breeding, Registration, and Pedigree unless registration is withheld by WRITTEN agreement between Buyer and seller and notification is sent to the AKC.


8.  Provide for castration or spaying, by WRITTEN agreement between the Breeder and buyer when the puppy or adult dog for sale has hereditary faults of such nature as to make his/her breeding detrimental to the furtherance of that breed.


9.  Provide buyers with the written guarantee approved and required by MPDBA and provide written details on feeding, general care, and data on needed Veterinary care (i.e., worming, inoculations, tests, etc.)


10.  Never place a puppy under eight (8) weeks of age in a new home and then only after having a routine examination by a veterinarian.


11.  Require my breeding stock to meet the following              standards:

     A.   To be sound in body and temperament, and to be of

     good conformation and certified clear of

     major hereditary faults by a recognized specialist

     or agency;

     b. To be in good health and weight and adequately

     immunized as recommended by the AVMA; and

     to be free from infectious diseases and external and

     internal parasite

     c.  My bitch is to receive adequate diet and exercise

     plus necessary veterinary care and supervision

     as needed during gestation, whelping, and lactation.

     d.  My puppies to:

         1.  Receive good general care and adequate diet;

         2.  Be checked regularly for external and internal

          parasites and to receive treatment if necessary;

         3.  Receive adequate immunization as recommended by

         the AVMA prior to and at such time as to be effective on

         the date of release;

         4.  Remain with the dam and littermates until at least

         eight (8) weeks of age;

         5.  Be regularly handled, properly socialized, and

         accustomed to human contact.


12.  Every breeder is required to inform (educate) each potential purchaser of the hereditary problems specific to their breed and show proof of the screening of their breeding stock.


13.  Agree to further the Association's objectives and to conduct all my activities (i.e., Clubs, Shows, Matches, Field and Obedience Trials) in conjunction with all AKC rules and regulations.  When confronted by a situation not covered by this CODE OF ETHICS, I will conduct myself as I would like to be treated under similar circumstances.


14.  I shall act in accordance with the objectives and purposes of the Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association.


15.  I will be courteous and helpful to all persons contacting me regarding dog information.


I understand that failure to comply with this CODE

OF ETHICS will subject me to:


• Being LISTED as removed from the MPDBA's registry of breeders.  (Such notice and registry being available to the public.)