Chris has volunteered with Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association fair exhibit for over 30 years.  She has spent many hours showing her dog and educating the fairgoers about dogs.


These days she can be found at the Information Desk in the Pet Center answering questions from fairgoers about dogs. Behind the scenes, Chris coordinates the information desk schedule in the Pet Center and creates and organizes literature about dogs that fairgoers can take home with them.


 Chris also volunteers to narrate for the Vet Surgery in the Pet Center explaining the spay/neuter as it happens.


Finally, she volunteers at the Miracle of Birth Exhibit, ensuring that new life comes into the world safely and educates about the vital role that animal agriculture and veterinary medicine plays in the state of Minnesota.  Chris enjoys answering questions people may have and helping with the birthing process.

John coordinates the Outdoor Demonstrations and indoor showing of the dogs every year at the fair.  John is on the Board of MN Purebred Dog Breeders Association and is an active member of the Siberian Husky Dog Club of the Twin Cities.


He has organized and participated in the outdoor demonstration for the first day of the fair for the last 25 years and this demonstration brings great crowds of fairgoers who want to see Siberian Huskies in action.


He is a member of a group of singers/songwriters/musicians that perform every year at the fair during their demonstration.  John also shows his Siberian Huskies at the fair and his favorite thing to do at the fair is to educate fairgoers all about dogs.


Barb has been a strong support of John, and has helped coordinate the demonstration and show their Siberian Huskies at the fair.  Both have innovative ideas and positive suggestions that help MPDBA present a great display of dogs at the fair.  They do not hesitate to step up and help in any area that is needed.