We welcome anyone as a member of our organization who is interested in promoting responsible dog ownership, responsible breeding and education of the public.  You DO NOT need to be a dog breeder to join although most of our members either do breed or have in the past.  We do expect our members to be knowledgeable about their breed(s), the breed standard, health issues, grooming etc. and willing to share this knowledge with the public.  We also encourage members to be proactive in tracking local ordinances, and to be aware of state and federal legislative efforts that may limit dog ownership and breeding.  See our page on legislation for more information.



       In order to become a member one must:


  • Attend at least one meeting

            - Usually the third Thursday of the month


  • Obtain an application form, and copy of Code of Ethics plus other information from Barb Armour, membership chair by phone  (651-373-4633) or email


  • Submit the application form, along with application fee and first year dues to the membership chair

           -   Form must be signed by applicant(s)

           -  Two sponsors must also sign, sponsors are current

               members in good standing who are not related to

               each other


  • Write a letter of intent as to why you wish to be a member

            -  HINT: "I want to sell puppies" is NOT a good reason


  • New members have three readings: one initial after which the applicants name, address and breed(s) are published in our newsletter, a second and a third meeting at which the board votes


  • Club and commercial organizations are also encouraged to join, contact membership chair for more information


  • One meeting must be attended in order to become a member: