club objectives

  1. To protect and advance the interest of purebred dogs, through the continued improvement of conformation, soundness and temperament according to the AKC standard in all breeds.


      2.  To foster good and direct communication between dog breeders and the buying public


      3.  To foster the advance of high ethical standards among breeders and the use of uniform

          procedures and MPDBA sales contract in offering puppies for sale


      4.  To promote educational and informational exchange among breeders, and to assist them in

          providing the public with good and sound purebred puppies


      5.  To provide means of informing the public about the standards for purebred dogs, the ways of

          protecting their investment


     6.  To collaborate and cooperate with various breed and all-breed clubs in the area of pursuing these



     7.  To initiate and support the enactment of legislation for protection of dogs, their breeders and



     8.  To engage in legislative public relations and educational programs necessary to the protection of

         the breeding and exhibiting of purebred dogs as non-commercial ventures.


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