Sofie Salmon, is the 2019 MPDBA Junior $1,000 scholarship award recipient


Requirements for MPDBA Scholarship-$1000


Each applicant must complete/gather the following items to qualify for the

MPDBA Scholarship: an application, two recommendations and an essay on the

given prompt. All packets will then be reviewed by a committee and assigned

points for each section. Points will be tabulated and then a recipient will be

chosen and notified. Packet including these three components should be mailed

to : Wendy Olson, 2094 Cedar Ave., White Bear Lake, MN 55110 and received no th

later than May 15 . No exceptions.


The recipient of the MPDBA Scholarship will also be given a free one year membership in the MPDBA. We also require that at sometime after receiving the scholarship, the recipient would participate in a seminar put on by MPDBA or serve as a mentor to a junior active in performance or showmanship.


Criteria in the above areas:


Application: We would like to see how “well-rounded” you are so fill out the application completely. Worth 20 points


Recommendations: The 2 recommendations cannot be from a family member. Both recommendations cannot come from one family unit (i.e. one from a handler that you know but cannot have a second from that handler’s mother, wife, etc.). Suggested people to ask: anyone you have worked with in the dog fancy (i.e. instructor, handler, owner, judge etc.) teacher, religious leader, coach, community member, employer, or staff person at your school besides a teacher. Worth-5 points each-10 points total.


Essay: Essay needs to be double-spaced with 1-2 inch margins. Font size should be no smaller than 12 or larger than 14 and the text of the essay should be no longer than 500 words. The applicant must address the given prompt. Make sure you use good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Essay should also include an introduction, body and conclusion.


Prompt: Describe at least two lessons you have learned from your experience in the dog fancy and how are you going to carry these forward into your adulthood.

Essay worth: 40 points.


Two people will read each application, recommendations and essay. The authorship will be anonymous to the readers. Each reader will award 1-40 points on the essay.

It is possible for an applicant to earn up to 70 points per reader==up to 140 points total (remember, there are two readers/scorers). The person closest to 140 will win the scholarship. If there is a tie in score—the applicant that has a parent or grandparent that belongs to MPDBA will have preference. If both have or do not have that affiliation with MPDBA----another person will be assigned to read and grade the essays until the tie is broken.