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  Welcome to MPDBA -- your source since 1970 for reliable information on purebred dogs

Breeder directory: members, clubs, organizations
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Contact us: mpdbainfo@gmail.com   952-881-9498

Committees and Officers

MPDBA History        Objectives         Membership information

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all are welcome to attend
October 20 2016

Libby conference Center, MN State Fair. 
(March-July, Sept-Dec.)
Starts at 7 PM, done no later than 9 PM

Monthly board meetings (all are welcome)
We usually meet at the Libby conference Center, MN State Fair.
(March-July, Sept-Dec.)
Starts at 7 PM, done no later than 9 PM

For the Libby Conference center:*
Enter the Fairgrounds at the Snelling main gate,
 take the first left, third building on the right.
No dogs are allowed in this building

Planned upcoming meetings: 
 Oct. 20, Nov 17  (Libby conference center)
on the MN State Fair grounds

Board meetings are held the third THURSDAY  of most months,
except  January, February is the general meeting

NOTE: August  meeting is at the Pet Center at the north end of Machinery hill.

All are welcome to attend and get ready for the FAIR.
Well-behaved dogs on leash may also attend in August 


  Officers and Board of Directors for 2015

Election of officers and committee assignments at March meeting
Director  Responsibility 
Nona Dietrich President
Judy Dove Vice-President
To be determined  Secretary
Lois Walton  Treasurer
Barbara Bartholomew
Wendy Olson 
 Chris Gabel directory, web site 
Kris Hassig
 Carol Ouhl newsletter,  constitution and bylaws
 Bobby Moore


Membership: Barb Armour sundog3@popp.net
State Fair liaison: Krista  Peterson
to schedule benching or club demonstrations:
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 Public Relations Committee!!

We have formed a committee of four of the board members, to increase our outreach into schools and the media.  Please contact Judy Dove at 952-884 9498  or via our e-mail mpdbainfo@gmail.com to set up school programs, media interviews, or speakers on most any aspect of purebred dogs, dog care, dog training, or our organization.


Other committees

Constitution and By-laws    Carol Ouhl/Cinda Waller

Grievance, kennel visitation -- board as a whole

Avoid the middleman -- Buy directly from a Breeder who knows their breed and uses contracts.

History and Our Objectives

The Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association (MPDBA) was established in 1970 as a NON-PROFIT organization to benefits the welfare and well-being of purebred dogs and breeders, owners and potential buyers within the State of Minnesota. 

Our main objectives are two-fold: Education and Legislation

Education: where to find a reputable breeder, purebred puppy or dog, care of dogs and information about showing, training and breeding.  Our member breeder listing.

Legislation: initiate and support legislation for the protection of dogs, their breeders and their owners.

Our current activities include

  • Our main educational effort at the Minnesota State Fair -- 10 benches of dogs plus member club/organization demonstrations each and every day of the Fair at the Pet Center on the North end of Machinery Hill.

  • Also at the Fair, our sales booth of purebred dog related items, profits going to support our educational and legislative efforts, and our education table with lots of informative flyers

  • Information tables at local area all-breed shows and other pet events

  • Education committee: members available to speak to dog clubs or other groups

  • Legislative committee that monitors state legislation and informs members as to when write to their legislator

  • Maintenance of a directory of our members who wish to be listed under a particular breed, which also includes member clubs and organizations

See our detailed objectives below

Interested in Membership?

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  1. To protect and advance the interest of purebred dogs, through the continued improvement of conformation,soundness and temperament according to the AKC standard in all breeds
  2. To foster good and direct communication between dog breeders and the buying public
  3. To foster the advance of high ethical standards among breeders and the use of uniform procedures and PDBA sales contracts in offering puppies for sale
  4. To promote educational and informational exchange among breeders, and to assist them in providing the public with good and sound purebred puppies
  5. To provide means of informing the public about the standards for purebred dogs, the ways of protecting their investment
  6. To collaborate and cooperate with various breed and all-breed clubs in the area of pursuing these objectives
  7. To initiate and support the enactment of legislation for protection of dogs, their breeders and owners
  8. To engage in legislative public relations and educational programs necessary to the protection of the breeding and exhibit of purebred dogs as non-commercial ventures.

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Becoming a member of MPDBA

We welcome anyone as a member of our organization who is interested in promoting responsible dog ownership, responsible breeding and education of the public.  You DO NOT need to be a dog breeder to join although most of our members either do breed or have in the past.  We do expect our members to be knowledgeable about their breed(s), the breed standard, health issues, grooming etc. and willing to share this knowledge with the public.  We also encourage members to be proactive in tracking local ordinances, and to be aware of state and federal legislative efforts that may limit dog ownership and breeding.  See our page on legislation for more information.

In order to become a member, an applicant must:

  • Attend at least one meeting
    • Usually the third Wednesday of the month but check to make sure
  • Obtain an application form, and copy of Code of Ethics plus other information from the membership chair*
  • Submit the application form, along with application fee and first year dues to the membership chair
    • Form must be signed by applicant(s)
    • Two sponsors must also sign, sponsors are current members in good standing who are not related to each other
  • Write a letter of intent as to why you wish to be a member
    • HINT: "I want to sell puppies" is NOT a good reason
  • New members have three readings: one initial after which the applicants name, address and breed(s) are published in our newsletter, a second and a third meeting at which the board votes
  • Club and commercial organizations are also encouraged to join, contact membership chair for more information.
  • Application forms, one meeting must be attended in order to become a member:

*Call or e-mail us for the current membership chair's phone number/e-mail.

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Contact us:

Phone:    952-881-9498                                          E-mail:    mpdba.info@gmail.com
and leave a message, we will return your call or e-mail within 1 to 2 days              

Come see us at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair August 27 through September 7 (Labor Day) in the Pet Center building, north end of Machinery Hill.

Last update: July 2015

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