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Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association is a not-for-profit organization that benefits the welfare and well-being of purebred dogs and breeders, owners and potential buyers within the State of Minnesota and surrounding areas.


Since we are a not-for-profit organization, any donations from other dog organizations, other groups and individuals would be greatly appreciated. You can contribute any amount you like! Some suggestions would be as a memorial to a loved one (canine or human), celebration, retirement, or just for the sake of donating.  Please note - donations are not tax deductible.


Thank you.


The Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association


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These are Minnesota Purebred members who choose to be listed under a particular breed.  In most cases they do produce puppies in this breed but do not expect them to have puppies available when you call.


Upcoming Meetings


All are welcome to attend our monthly board meetings -

 generally held at the Libby Conference Center at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.  If you plan to attend, please check with a board member to verify date and location.


Our next meeting will be held on August 19



See the Animal Health Studies Database listing of clinical studies and research projects from American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).




Go here for lots of links and downloads on purebred organizations and agencies.  Learn more about breeding, buying a purebred puppy and get information on finding a breed that is right for you.



 The “Puppy Protection Act of 2020” –  introduced to congress on September 29, 2020  by Senator Dick Durbin  S. 4757 – would add arbitrary new requirements to HR2442.


Bill criminalizing false service dogs passes  On Thursday, April 19, Minnesota Senators unanimously approved legislation making misrepresentation of a service dog a crime.


The new Minnesota breeder licensing bill passed in 2014 after years of negotiating and compromise.  The main points are that commercial breeders, those who possess 10 or more intact animals that produce 5 or more litters in a year, must be licensed with the State of Minnesota.


Inspection of kennels will be through the MN Board of Animal Health (BAH).  The bill requires registration and  licensing by affected breeders as of July 1, 2015.  For more information see the Minnesota Veterinary Association web site: or BAH


As a practical matter, this bill does not affect the average hobby breeder. Who are these people? They are the reputable breeders who breed to improve the breed, who show their dogs in breed competition, obedience, herding, hunting test agility and more. These are breeders who live with their dogs in their home, perhaps breeding 1-2 litters per year, or maybe no litters some years.


They do not breed for profit; just ask how much money they spend on their hobby each year. They take the time to socialize the pups and find the best homes for them, giving them good veterinary care, and keeping accurate registration records. Best of all they are always there for the person who purchases the puppy for the life of the dog.




Check out What's New in AKC Government Relations by downloading the PDF below.  More legislative updates can be found o the AKC website:




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Due to the precautionary measures suggested by the State Dept. of Health, the Juniors Seminar that was to be held on March 21st will be postponed.


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All are welcome to attend our

 monthly board meetings